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Advanced ChatGPT & Building Custom GPTs


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ChatGPT is constantly evolving and the next evolution is here through GPTs. 


This webinar takes you through an advanced look at ChatGPT 4.0 and the new GPTs. 

They are phasing out plugins and replacing them with GPTs. You can use the ones that ChatGPT has created, ones that others have created or......YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN!!!

The ones that you create you can:

  • Use them privately just for you
  • Share them with your team or clients
  • Make them public and allow others to access them (this might even be an interesting lead magnet or way of potential customers finding you in the future). 

In this webinar we take you through how to create your own GPTs and get you thinking about the types of GPTs that you might want to create moving forward. We also look at ones you might want to use in your practice that others have already created making accessing and getting the most out of chatGPT so much easier. 


 *CPD eligibility is self-assessed. You need to ensure that this meets your needs and the requirements of your association or society.