$99 inc GST

Next Level ChatGPT with Plugins




$99 inc GST

ChatGPT has revolutionised how we see AI and has got almost everyone talking about it and AI and the future for business.  BUT...it is better with plugins!

If you have tried using ChatGPT and found it a bit clunky and gimmicky then this is the webinar for you!

This webinar does a deep dive into ChatGPT 4 and how to bring it to life with plugins. 

There are currently almost 900 verified plugins that will take the ChatGPT machine to a new level and really make it do some miraculous things for your practice. 

We show you how to find, access and use these plugins and we also go through the ones that we think you will love! 

If you are using ChatGPT without plugins or haven't starting using it yet then you need this webinar!